I have this 'Big Brute' Graphic Equalizer Booster that's maybe 10 years old. For install, you have to use the following precautions : 12V Negative Ground...To protect power IC's you're not suppose to put the speaker-out cords(+) and (-) together; don't touch any leads together with +B; also don't ground any speaker cords to the chasis of the vehicle. Use fuse (6A) only...This next step is the part I need help with... I don't have the owner's manual for this 'Big Brute' Graphic Equalizer, so I'm not sure about the wiring connections. I'm sure I could figure it out, hopefully it's not all that difficult since I have a diagram of how to do other components. The thing I really want to know, the real issue, not just the wiring details, is this : Is this GE really worth installing? Or is it too outdated or can anyone tell me about this 'Big Brute' brand Equalizer( ie. Is it quality? Is it crap?!)? It's in new condition. Please help. Thanks!!!